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I’m anxious

Clements Worldwide UK car insurance? Legit or Not?

Clements Worldwide car insurance?

I just bought their insurance through and was brought straight to their website after the transaction completed. Do they cover in the UK?

How long does it take them to issue a Policy number or the Policy statement?
I bought the insurance today, to start today, and got nothing back in the form of a reference number or policy number so I am wondering am I covered or not.
I have received an email from them saying "Thank you. We are pleased you have chosen Clements Worldwide for your insurance". Is this all legit?
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  • I’m undecided
    Hi, I've just read some print on my policy:

    It is hereby understood and agreed that the Company shall not be liable for loss, damage, and/or liability caused while the automobile described in the
    Policy or any other automobile to which the terms of the policy are extended is being driven or operated by any individual under twenty-five (25) years
    of age.

    I am 24, and I stated this when applying for the premium, they also have a copy of my drivers licence. Does this mean I am effectively paying for insurance that I am not covered for? Or am I mis-understanding this and the obvious exclusion is the policy holder?

    If this is the case and I paid in full my policy, should I be entitled to a full refund?
    • Obviously I am concerned and feel if I ring up to clarify they will tell me to be covered I need to add £XXX on to my £900 premium to be covered (standard insurance procedure I'm sure). If this is the case, then why are they giving quotes and accepting payments from 24 year olds in the first place as it seems like this may be a case they are underpricing other competitors to come up better on comparison websites.

      I would like to know what the endorsement fully means and whether I am covered to drive because if I had known when I purchased that it would be £900 for no cover with Clements or £1100 for cover with admiral, I wouldn't have tried to save £200.

      Maybe I'm well wide of the mark and I will apologise if so but I would like some clarity.

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  • Hi Sean,

    Thanks for posting.

    I'm sorry to hear about the issues you are having, I can appreciate it's frustrating!

    We will need to look into this in more detail. Could you please email us at and in your reply include all details as well as your date of birth and postcode.

    Thanks for your patience.
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